About Us

Let's take care of your healthy smile together

At DenticaCenter, we restore the health and beautiful appearance of smiles of our patients, providing them with comprehensive dental care. Our dental chairs are used by adults, seniors and children. We treat everyone with care, according to their individual needs.

We will provide you with comfort and effectivene solutions at each stage: from diagnostics, through treatment, to checkups. We believe there are no hopeless situations. We work as a team, enabling the flow of knowledge, competences and experiences of various specialists.

Your health and satisfaction are the most important for us.

At DenticaCenter, we do not get sick or go on vacation and we always answer your calls. Our team that is always ready to help, providing complete dental care.

Comprehensive care in one place

At DenticaCenter, you can conveniently make an appointment with many specialists:

dentists, pediatricians, surgeons, prosthetists, implantologists or orthodontists. You will receive comprehensive assistance in one place – from doctors who constantly develop their competences at international conferences and use cutting-edge technologies.

DenticaCenter is always close to its patients. Currently, we are located in three cities in Upper Silesia: in Rybnik, Racibórz and Wodzisław Śląski.

Our facilities are equipped with modern laboratories and X-ray rooms

Our facilities are equipped with modern laboratories and X-ray rooms, where you can make instant periapical, 3D, and panoramic digital images. Compared to traditional X-ray, the applied radiation dose is much lower. We also cooperate with a trusted laboratory of cosmetic prosthetics.

At Dentica Center

We care for the well-being of our patients

And the whole team - in every situation. In 2020, during the pandemic, we were one of the very few medical practices in the region to continuously provide dental services thanks to the team's engagement.

We take care of the health and safety of staff

The average working week in our centre is 37.5 hours, which translates into comfortable working conditions and high quality of services provided. We believe that a well-rested doctor is a better doctor.

We provide high-class medical equipment

All our centers are equipped with high-class medical equipment, such as intraoral scanners, CT scanners, and CAD CAM milling systems.

Our openness to continuous development and the desire to provide patients with the best possible care made us join the Dentity Group.
We want to combine competences and work together to spread good DenticaCenter practices on a national scale.

Our team is the key to the success of DenticaCenter

People are the most important element that shape the clinic. Our top priority is to create a friendly, stable workplace where every team member is important, appreciated and has the opportunity to develop.

Together, we create the atmosphere of this place and meet the needs of patients. We are a tightly knit team of professionals who are passionate about their work.
It was like that from the beginning and it is still so today. Our exceptional and innovative approach is most felt when new people join the team. Based on their own experiences, they see the uniqueness of this way of working and the benefits that it brings both for the staff and the patients.

The trust and loyalty of our employees drives the development of the clinic, and the growing number of patients motivates us to open more clinics.


DenticaCenter was created out of the need for a change

We have combined the dreams of a modern dental facility that provides all treatment and diagnostic needs of patients with observations of how such centres operate in Germany. And the results? DenticaCenter, which was established in 2011.

The originator and the current president of the company – Paweł Sassowsky – was inspired by the Bavarian dental care system. He noticed how important ergonomics and work organization are, and how strongly these factors increase the patient’s comfort.

Paweł decided to combine personal experience with his managerial competences, use the founding principles of the leading practices in the German dental industry and implement them in Poland. The meeting with Ania (a doctor who is his business partner) became a turning point. It didn’t take long from idea to partnership.
“It turned out that we have a common dream and we have decided to make it come true – and it all happened during a meeting at a local coffee bar club for travelers – we laugh about it to this day :),” – says Paweł.

After consultations with many authorities in the dental industry and owners of a network of dental centres in Germany, the first DenticaCenter was established in Racibórz in 2011. The growing number of patients each year was an impulse to open more clinics in the region. We established our centres in Rybnik and Wodzisław Śląski, still seeing a steady increase in the number of patients. This feeling of being needed was a great motivation for us.