X-ray diagnostics

The basis of successful treatment

X-ray diagnostics enable to diagnose the lesions that are the cause of the symptoms, and to choose the right treatment.

X-ray diagnostics in dentistry is a non-invasive image examination that consists in taking digital diagnostic images of the patient’s mouth and craniofacial bones. It usually takes a few minutes and is completely painless.

What are the benefits of X-ray?

X-ray is a simple path to a correct diagnosis.


X-ray allows doctors to obtain an image of the condition of the teeth and effectively diagnose the cause of the problem.


X-ray examination is suitable for virtually everyone, with the exception of some pregnant women.


X-ray examinations are completely non-invasive, do not require any special preparation and take only a few minutes.

Modern take on diagnostics

At DenticaCenter, we have a modern X-ray machine with a digital extraoral imaging system.

In our X-ray room, we take instant periapical, 3D, and panoramic digital images. Compared to traditional X-ray, the applied radiation dose is much lower. We make every effort to provide our patients with the highest standard of treatment.

X-ray image of a tooth

This is the most popular type of X-ray in dentistry. We take them in order to be able to carefully examine a given part of the dentition.

Cephalometric image

Lateral image of the skull is often used in diagnosis and treatment planning in the field of orthodontics.

Panoramic dental X-ray

Comprehensive intraoral image of the entire dentition. It enables to assess the condition of the teeth and the correctness of their location in relation to each other.

Dental tomography

Dental CT scans are often used in implantology, dental surgery, and endodontics. They enable to evaluate bone structures.

Price list

Periapical X-rayPLN 55
Panoramic X-rayPLN 115
Cephalometric X-ray of the anterior/lateral skullPLN 120
3D dental tomographyPLN 350

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