Dental surgery

Advanced surgical tretment for oral health

Dental surgery procedures enable to prepare the patient for specialist treatment, as well as help in a situation when conservative dentistry and root canal treatment are not enough.

Dental surgery involves surgery in and around the mouth. It is used in the case of difficult tooth extraction, but also the insertion of implants or resection. Treatment is performed under local anesthesia.

How is the surgical treatment performed?

In DenticaCenter, each treatment is preceded by 3 steps.

Detailed interview

Our dentists conduct a detailed interview about the patient's medical condition, health problems, and the purpose of the treatment.

Dental examination

Dental examination of the oral cavity aims at learning more about the patient's health problem and is the basis for preparing the treatment plan.

Treatment plan

Before the procedure, we prepare a thorough treatment plan and explain it to the patient. It gives the opportunity to ask questions and address any doubts.

We care for your comfort

We know that "dental surgery" sounds serious and can cause concern.

But it does not have to be this way. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, which is why we care for a friendly atmosphere, a thorough explanation of the entire process, as well as the qualifications of doctors and treatment conditions. We use advanced digital diagnostics: modern 3D imaging technology allows us to obtain a three-dimensional image of the bones of the maxilla, mandible and all teeth and maxillary sinus, and thus precisely plan the treatment.
We also take care of you after the procedure: the doctor prepares detailed recommendations and makes an appointment to make sure that the healing process is going well.
See what procedures we perform:

Implant placement

Tooth extraction

Extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth

Open or closed curettage

(mechanical removal of tartar, which is unaesthetic and may conceal caries)


(gum correction for further treatment)


Root end resection (apicoectomy)

(removal of a fragment of the tooth root if it is not possible to clean and fill it during endodontic treatment)

Our doctors

At DenticaCenter, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.

dentist Anna Stuchly

LEAD Doctor


dentist Krzysztof Wróbel

LEAD Doctor


MD, PhD Ryszard Pelc

Specialist maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist


MD, PhD Marta Katarzyńska-Konwa

LEAD Doctor
Specialist in conservative dentistry, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry


dentist Radosław Halikowski

Doctor of conservative dentistry


Price list

Tooth extractionPLN 250
Retained tooth extractionfrom PLN 400
Other treatmentsindividual pricing

Do you need a dental surgery procedure?

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