Pediatric dentistry

Little patients come to us with a smile

Do you think that a child’s visit to the dentist is always difficult? Quite the contrary! We will show you that a child does not have to be afraid of the dentist.

Pediatric dentistry at DenticaCenter is a specially designed process of introducing young patients to the dentist and the dental treatment. No stress, fear or pain. In a manner adapted to their age and previous experience. Our dentists can help children recover from previous bad experiences with dentists, as well as cheerfully take care of children who are just beginning their adventure in the dental chair.

Why do children visit DenticaCenter without fear?

We know at least 3 reasons.

Adaptation visit

It is a meeting without treatment, to familiarise the child with the dentist, office and chair. The dentist will show the tools in the form of a game, explain how they work and talk about teeth.

Dentists with a calling

Our dentists are passionate professionals with unique approach to children. They are often parents themselves, who know all about children's fears and know how to dispel them - also in the dental chair.

Brave Patient Award

We have prepared small prizes for our little patients at the end of each visit to strengthen positive associations and make them smile.

Children's teeth should be looked after from an early age

This also applies to milk teeth. Many parents delay their child's first visit to the dentist, but this only increases the risk of needing treatment right away.

An early start of checkups (at the age of about 2 years) enables effective prevention, and most importantly, it makes the child familiar with the office and the dentist.

Caries prevention

Regular checkups help prevent caries in milk teeth, so that it is not transferred to permanent teeth.

Occlusion control and monitoring correct development of the teeth

The sooner irregularities are detected, the easier it will be to correct them - especially when the teeth are still growing.

Our exceptional pediatric dentists

At DenticaCenter, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.

dentist Joanna Bijata

Doctor of conservative, cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry


dentist Radosław Halikowski

Doctor of conservative dentistry


dentist Hanna Tatarczyk-Kuban



dentist Kamil Kuban

Doctor of conservative dentistry and endodontics


dentist Aleksandra Żyłka-Żebracka

Doctor of conservative dentistry


Price list

Adaptation visit with examination of the oral cavityPLN 150
Restoration of the shape, colour, and function of a permanent toothPLN 250
Devitalization/Trepanation of a milk toothPLN 150
Removal of a milk toothPLN 250
Varnishing of all teethPLN 250
Sealing of 1 toothPLN 100

Do you want to take care of the health of your child's teeth?

Make an appointment for a checkup.

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