Endodontic (root canal) treatment

Save severely infected teeth from extraction

Root canal treatment allows to cure and preserve the function of teeth with infected pulp.

Endodontic treatment consists of opening the chamber of the sick tooth and thoroughly removing the infected pulp. The root canal is cleaned, filled and protected against reinfection of periapical tissues.

When is root canal treatment used?

Root canal treatment is necessary whenever the pulp is infected. It can be caused by:

Untreated caries

manifested by deep cavities

Abscesses and cysts


Tooth injuries

such as fractures and dislocations

Root canal treatment at DenticaCenter

The success of treatment depends primarily on precision and accuracy,

that’s why we perform root canal procedures using a modern microscope. It allows doctors to see lesions that are invisible to the naked eye, and thus maximise the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition, the patient is under constant radiological control, and the dentist is supported by a qualified assistant.

It is worth remembering that untreated pulp inflamation (pulpitis) affects the entire body. It can lead to serious conditions, such as inflamation of heart muscle (myocarditis) or sepsis. That is why you should visit the dentist as soon as you notice the first symptoms – do not wait!

First symptoms

Recurrent, nocturnal or persistent toothache is a clear sign of pulpitis.

Local anaesthesia

In order to provide patients with the highest possible comfort, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia.

Our endodontists

MD, PhD Marta Katarzyńska-Konwa

LEAD Doctor
Specialist in conservative dentistry, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry


dentist Paweł Arboczius



dentist Marta Kozielska -Cichoń



dentist Kamil Kuban

Doctor of conservative dentistry and endodontics


dentist Sebastian Karcz

Doctor of conservative dentistry and endodontics


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Price list

Przygotowanie zęba do leczenia kanałowego:od 290 zł
Leczenie kanałowe jednoetapowe (przeprowadzane z użyciem mikroskopu oraz wykonaniem kontrolnego RTG przed i po leczeniu kanałowym)od 790 zł
Reendo (przeprowadzane z użyciem mikroskopu oraz wykonaniem kontrolnego RTG przed i po leczeniu kanałowym)od 990 zł
Rekonstrukcja zęba po leczeniu kanałowymod 390 zł

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