Price list

Please find the full price list of our services below.

The quote and treatment plan are presented after a dental examination of the oral cavity.

If you do not see the treatment you are looking for in the tables, write to us or call us and ask for availability. We will be happy to provide you with additional information.


Implant placement:from PLN 2900
Prosthetic restoration of the implant:from PLN 2900
Implant treatment:pricing according to individual needs

Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening – the Beyond lampPLN 990
Teeth whitening – overlay methodPLN 700

Conservative dentistry

Examination of the oral cavityfrom PLN 50
Examination and consultation with a specialistPLN 150
Prosthetic/endodontic consultationPLN 150
Check-upsPLN 50
Preparation of a treatment planPLN 100
Discussing the treatment planPLN 0
Diagnostic castsPLN 120
Normal anesthesiaPLN 45
Computer anesthesiaPLN 65

Restoration of the shape, colour and function of the tooth:

Restoration of the shape, colour and function of a permanent toothPLN 190 – 350
Temporary restoration – dressingPLN 150
Aesthetic reconstruction of the shape, function and colour of the toothfrom PLN 290

Endodontic (root canal) treatment

Tooth preparation for root canal treatment:PLN 250
One-stage root canal treatment (performed with the use of a microscope and a control X-ray before and after root canal treatment)PLN 590 - 790
Reendo (carried out with the use of a microscope and a control X-ray before and after root canal treatment)PLN 790 - 990
Tooth reconstruction immediately after root canal treatmentPLN 350
Tooth reconstruction immediately after root canal treatmentPLN 390

Dental surgery

Tooth extractionPLN 250
Retained tooth extractionfrom PLN 400
Other treatmentsindividual pricing


Prosthetic crownsfrom PLN 1500
Veneersfrom PLN 1300
Denturespriced individually
Combination treatment with precision elements and works on implantspriced individually



Invisalign consultationPLN 190
Invisalign treatment visualisations with scanningPLN 390
Invisalign treatmentPLN 15900


Orthodontic consultation 30 minPLN 100
Scan 1hPLN 290
After approx. 5 days, we will be informed whether the patient has been qualified and the doctor will receive a treatment plan 30 minfree visit
Installation 1.5 h – the patient pays the full amountPLN 3900, PLN 6900, PLN 9900
Checkups approximately once a month – 30 min

Removable braces:

Orthodontic consultationPLN 190
Examination, diagnostic casts, preparation of a treatment plan with a cost estimate (the same scheme as in the case of lead doctors – 2 visits – examination + discussing the treatment plan)PLN 350

Fixed braces:

Orthodontic diagnosticsPLN 950
Orthodontic diagnostics + presentationPLN 1300
Control visits - fixed bracesPLN 350
Metal bracesPLN 2500
Cosmetic (ceramic) bracesPLN 4000
Removal of bracesPLN 800
Fixed retention SLPLN 750

Prevention and oral hygiene

Oral hygiene instructionfrom PLN 100
Tartar removal (scaling)PLN 250
SandblastingPLN 290
Dental SPA (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation)PLN 350
Contact fluoridation on an individual tray (2 arches)PLN 150

Pediatric dentistry

Adaptation visit with examination of the oral cavityPLN 150
Restoration of the shape, colour, and function of a permanent toothPLN 190
Devitalization/Trepanation of a milk toothPLN 120
Removal of a milk toothfrom PLN 190
Varnishing of all teethPLN 250
Sealing of 1 toothPLN 100

X-ray diagnostics

Periapical X-rayPLN 45
Panoramic X-rayPLN 95
Cephalometric X-ray of the anterior/lateral skullPLN 95
3D dental tomographyPLN 300

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